Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cocoa backyard shed bee hive removal

Cool pic of bee hive comb removed from a Cocoa Beach backyard shed. This was probably an African ( aka Killer Bee ) colony. We have been finding LOTS of Killer Bees in Cocoa, and one thing that killer bees really like to do is build their nest close to the ground. So, they often will build under the shed floor, between the joists, usually gaining access through an abandoned armadillo or 'possum hole.
It's very important to remove the nest comb, or your WILL have another bee colony move in, and you'll have to deal with millions of beetle and fly maggots. Pay a little more, get the nest removed and have peace of mind. Call us at (855) 930.BEES for fast, expert service. The Stinging Insect Specialists!

  • Mr. Jonathan Simkins B.S.& Richard Martyniak M.S.
  • Stinging Insect Entomologist
  • 4 Licensed Pest Control Operators on Staff
  • 5 Registered Beekeepers on Staff
  • (855) 930.BEES (All Counties in Fla.)
  • Bee Safe!

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