Monday, August 30, 2010

Winter Park Bee Removal

 Winter Park Honey Bee Removal

This is a cool pic of a recent Winter Park Bee Removal we did. A swarm had recently landed in the soffit of the house, and as you can see, they are packed tightly together and building comb quickly. We were able to perform a live honey bee removal in this instance, as the colony was newly established, small, relatively gentle and we had decent setback and shrubbery, affording the neighbors some protection.

In Winter Park, we are starting to see African Honey Bees, aka Killer Bees moving in from the East, so we think it's important to proceed cautiously when faced with a honey bee infestation. These bees were are starting to see in Winter Park, are becoming more defensive, and pose quite a liability risk to property owners and managers. When considering structural bee removal, please consider only hiring a professional, meaning one who maintains a Florida Pest Control Business License, as a minimum, as if the worst happens, and a sting event occurs, you're assets will be much more protected, than if an unlicensed provider was hired.

And, just because someone hangs the word "beekeeper" after his or her name, don't assume he or she knows bees or is licensed and insured. We are seeing some very suspect characters getting into the bee removal business these days, and have been requested on emergency calls, after a "bee keeper" has attempted a removal. Please see my posts here and here, about beekeepers performing bee removals on structures. Remember, Fla. State Statute requires a pest control license to remove bee colonies from and around structures. The University of Florida Bee Entomologist AND the Florida Apiary Chief (head beekeeper) concur.... Protect yourself, your neighbors and your assets. Call us at 321-206-5100, 800-343-5317 or Send us an email, for professional bee removal from the Stinging Insect Experts at

Richard Martyniak M.Sc., Entomologist

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