Monday, March 25, 2013

Bees swarm on a house, 20 ft in the Air!

The bees are still swarming in the Tampa area. They can create honey comb and get settled in rapidly. Swarming bees are looking for a new home for their nest, so the swarm is just the start of a new colony. These bees may have swarmed for 24-48 hours and have already made a good amount of honey comb.

As you can see there are 9 shelves honey comb(the rows of honey comb) on this soffit and the bees would have most likely have gone inside of the soffit and filled the void there with honey comb. If you come in contact with these stinging insects, call the experts.Contact the stinging insect specialists, entomologists, beekeepers, licensed and insured. Call now!!!!  (855)930.BEES or visit

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