Monday, August 30, 2010

Orlando Wasp Control

Orlando Wasp Nest Removal

Paper wasps are fascinating insects, but when they build nests around the home, the fascination can quickly turn into annoyance, fear and even dangerous stings!

Here's the fascinating part: All wasps are predators, seeking softbodied insects such as caterpillars to cut up with their mouthparts, and transport back to the nest, where they present the goodies to the nest larvae (grublike 'wasp babies'). The larvae eat, partially digest and then regurgitate this back to the adults, in a easy to digest form.

The nests are made of a kind of paper mache', where the adults chew up tree bark and other cellulose containing materials, add saliva and make these open celled nests, that are hung upside down. You can see the white larvae, and the greyish-white pupal cases in this pic.

The fearful part? Well, in some cases, I've seen infestations with many nests, and as they grow larger, some species of Polistes Paper Wasps can get very defensive, threating and even stinging people and pets. For those that are allergic to bee, ant and wasp venom, this can be a serious medical event.

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Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist

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