Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Villages Honey Bees in Lake Miona Recreation Center Column

January 2011 has started relatively warm and moist which can be a signal for Honey Bee colonies to split and send forth a new 'seed' colony. We call these swarms, and used to see them in the Spring, when conditions are favorable for new colony growth. With the influx of African Honey Bees ( Killer Bees ) in Central Florida, we are now seeing swarming occuring all 12months of the year, and the below pic is a good example:
The Villages Honey Bee Swarm

A honey bee swarm moved into the architectural column a few days ago and immediately set forth collecting food for the larvae that will soon be developing. We elected to eradicate the colony, as we are seeing some really nasty bees in this area. In fact, we heard that several golfers were stung at a nearby course, after live removals were performed on bird nesting boxes, and the boxes were Several Hundred feet from the golf course!

This is a busy area, with many people walking and driving only feet away from this colony. Safety of humans has to take precedence over a colony of (likely) African Honey Bees.

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Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist