Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lake City Bumble Bee treatment and removal

Lake City Bumble Bee nest under shed
Here's a photo of a shed in a Lake City Back yard that had a very large Bumble Bee nest underneath the floor. if you look closely, you can see the unmowed strip of grass. That's because the client had to stop mowing and RUN when he was attacked by lots of defensive Bumble bees. Lucky for him, he's fast, because he's very allergic to bee and wasp venom!

We treated and removed this bumble bee nest, and he doesn't have to worry about getitng stung again.

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Please, don't attempt a removal of bees, as they can be deadly, even swarms have attacked us since Killer Bees are now here. We've had fatalities occur in Florida because of improper stinging insect removal techniques.

Contact the Stinging Insect Experts  for Lake City bee and wasp removal at (855)930.BEES or even  submit a bee removal FREE inspection here!

  • Mr. Jonathan Simkins B.S.& Richard Martyniak M.S.
  • Stinging Insect Entomologist
  • 4 Licensed Pest Control Operators on Staff
  • 5 Registered Beekeepers on Staff
  • (855) 930.BEES (All Counties in Fla.)
  • Bee Safe!

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