Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jacksonville Bee Removal in dining room ceiling

Jacksonville, Fla. bee nest in ceiling

Honey bees will build their nests inside structures, and one of the common locations is in multi-floor buildings, where they will readily build comb between the floor/ceilings, between joists. This colony had been sprayed twice by pest control operators, but the bees persisted. Finally after spending more than $400 on those ineffective sprays and having loads of rotten honey and bees getting into the living areas, the client called us at

We treated and removed this colony which weighed over 100 pounds, and also tackled a smaller colony on the other side of the house. Do it right the first time!

  • Mr. Jonathan Simkins B.S.& Richard Martyniak M.S.
  • Stinging Insect Entomologist
  • 4 Licensed Pest Control Operators on Staff
  • 5 Registered Beekeepers on Staff
  • (855) 930.BEES (All Counties in Fla.)
  • Bee Safe!

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