Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jacksonville Bees in a Tree ( and lotsa Maggots too!!)

This photo is a closeup of small hive beetle larvae, aka MAGGOTS!!, on a tree's bark in Jacksonville, Florida.
We often see these leaving a a bee hive (colony, to be correct), when the bee colony is not doing so well. Usually, this happens when a well meaning client sprays the bee colony with over the counter insecticide. Or worse, when a beekeeper or pest control operator sprays the wrong spray.
What follows is often fodder for horror movies. Tens of thousands of small hive beetle MAGGOTS take over the weakened colony, and, in just a few days, their feeding spreads yeasts throughout the nest.
What happens when you combine yeast and a high sugar substance like honey??? Yep, you get fermented honey, and it ooozes down the tree, smelling and attracting all kinds of insects, including marauding bees from other colonies. These bees are lovingly called 'robber bees', and they can bee extremely ornery and aggressive. The sting risk goes sky high. Not a good scene, especially at this client's home, as she has two small doggies, who already have incurred $800 in vet bills because they are allergic to bees.

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