Friday, August 13, 2010

Leesburg, Fla. Bee removal from house soffit

This photo was taken as we were amidst a honey bee removal located in a Leesburg house soffit. Honey bees often build in structural voids, and soffits are very common. You can see where we removed several 'plates' of comb already, and to the right, you can see several more plates stacked up. Notice the dark color.. that is from metabolic wastes..(bee-poo!!), from many generations of baby bees being raised.

I think this shows how you might not want to just spray a honey bee colony and leave it. Each plate of comb weighs about 7 or so pounds. Multiply 7 pounds by the 16 plates removed from this soffit, and you have  112 POUNDS of honey, pollen, wax, immature bees left in the soffit. Don't forget to add about another 10 pounds for the adult bees too! Almost 125 pounds of organic matter, just ripe for beetle and fly maggots to come in and turn this into a smelly, fermenting, oozing mess.

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