Saturday, August 28, 2010

Palm Coast Live Bee Removal

Well, like we often say, bees will build their nests anywhere, and today's bee removal is a great example of that saying. This s a plastic barrel, and the honey bees have built their nest IN the barrel! They are using the bung hole (that's a real word, honest!), as the colony entrance:

This colony was found by the homeowner, while mowing his lawn. He had originally placed the barrel to use as a shallow well, but kind of forgot about it. Boy that sounds familiar!

Because the barrel was actually on city right of way, the City of Palm Coast contracted with us to perform the removal. They asked if we could attempt a live removal, and in this case we were able to perform a live honey bee removal!

I'll post more pictures as we move this off the front page. It went really well, and Palm Coast public access television recorded the removal process. For your live honey bee removal, visit us online at  Call us at 800-343-5317 or you can email us at Help, we have bees! for quick, competent and reasonably priced bee removal services.

Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist and Live Honey Bee removal guru!

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