Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lady Lake Fla. elect meter bee removal

This is honey bee comb from a local electric utility electrical meter box. It's almost all brood (immature bees- eggs, larvae, pupae), and is almost certainly Africanized Honey Bee, aka Killer Bee. We are seeing more suspected Killer bees in the Villages, Lady Lake and even up to Silver Springs Shores this year, with some really mean bees at times. Please don't attempt a meter box bee removal, as it doesn't take much provocation to set the bees into an attack mode. Call us at (855) 930.BEES for the stinging insect specialists!

  • Mr. Jonathan Simkins B.S.& Richard Martyniak M.S.
  • Stinging Insect Entomologist
  • 4 Licensed Pest Control Operators on Staff
  • 5 Registered Beekeepers on Staff
  • (855) 930.BEES (All Counties in Fla.)
  • Bee Safe!

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