Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Port Orange Fla., Free Bee Removal

We have clients calling us every day, asking if we do free bee removals. Well, we normally don't, mainly for reasons I discuss in this blog post and in this post too , so what we did today is rather unusual for us.

A client in Port Orange, Fla., called us last week and said he needed bees removed and how much would we charge. When we asked him for more info, he said that the bees were in a hive box that he had kept for a few years, and he needed to get rid of them, so he could sell his house. I think he was pretty happy that we could relocate them at no charge, since the bee colony looked to be in fairly decent shape. See the pic below, the bees are 'bearding' all over the front of the hive box, which means the colony is mature, and could even stand to be split.

Port Orange Free Bee Removal !

But where to relocate the bees? We could have taken them to one of our apiaries, but one of our good friends, Beth Fox, ex-la presidente of Orange Blossom Beekeepers, had written to me last week, asking if I had any spare bee colonies as she lost a couple this summer. I gave her a ring today, and she said she lost her remaining 2 colonies, leaving her with no bees, and yes, she would be elated to provide a new home for the 'girls'.

Our technicians, Jason and Asheton, transferred the hive box and all to Beth's house this afternoon and we wish all the girls good luck!

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