Thursday, September 9, 2010

Windermere Honey Bee Swarm

Windermere Honey Bee Swarm
Honey Bees, both European and African, aka Killer Bees, issue swarms from existing bee nests either as a means of colony reproduction, or possibly to help remove pathogens & parasites from the colony.

About 5000 Killer Bees under frond
One interesting observation we've been noting, is the increasing numbers of swarms during months when we shouldn't be seeing any, or at least few swarms. Take this swarm in the photo. It landed on a client's palmetto in Windermere, Fla., yesterday, Sept 8., way, way beyond the normal season of February to May.

Bees are hidden under the frond
Why are we seeing more swarms, throughout the year? African Bees 'tis the answer. Yes, we've been seeing plenty of Windermere Killer Bee Swarms, all the way up to the Ocala area this year. And some of them have been quite testy, stinging us 'full-on" as we approach the swarm.
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