Thursday, September 2, 2010

Melrose, Fla. Yellow Jacket Wasp removal from a WoodShed

There's a nest in there somewhere!
This is one woodshed you DON'T want to be taken to!

Our client was removing some firewood from his woodshed and was attacked by Yellow Jackets!

Do you see the nest?
He suffered several stings before he could runaway to the safety of his house, and then had to deal with a swollen hand for a few days to top it off! Localized swelling and itching is normal after even one Yellow Jacket sting, and we can attest that YellowJacket stings are one of the most painful insect stings here in Florida!

I had to dig around a bit in the firewood to finally find the nest, but, I was protected in my sting suit, which is sting resitant, not sting proof, btw.....

If you look at this picture, you can see the greyish paper envelope that surrounds the nest. The envelope protects the nest from rain,and in this case from 3 cans of Raid Fogger that the client used in a vain attempt at controlling these girls!

Yellow Jacket nest

This colony was still relatively small, maybe 3-5,000 workers, but could double in a month's time.
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  1. Thank you Richard-All Florida Bee Removal-for taking care of our yellow jacket problem. Even though we had a communication problem the day of our appt. and he arrived 5 hours late, he was very apologetic. He came in and took care of our problem very professionally, then surprised us by not charging for the service due to the problem. We highly recommend Richard and his company. Thank you for making our home safe. Ron and Mary Stevic

  2. Ron & Mary,

    It was a delight to (finally) meet you and I'm so glad I was able to find the nest and remove the sting risk for Ron.

    As I told you, we work hard to communicate with our customers, and while this work sometimes forces us to push appointments back, we work hard update our customers.

    Our lines sure got crossed that day, and when that happens, we offer our apologies & a discount.. after all, that's what I would expect, and the Golden Rule is the number one rule!

    Richard Martyniak