Thursday, September 9, 2010

Near Fatal Leesburg Yellow Jacket nest

Leesburg Yellow Jacket nest
This Leesburg Yellowjacket nest is a startling example of the real dangers that stinging insects represent.
Look at this photo. You'd agree that this nest is relatively small, as you can see my boot there on the left for size reference. Yet, this small Yellow Jacket colony nearly killed a Leesburg home owner, who was simply raising a flag in her backyard.

Nest was located in pampas grass
She was stung about 15 times, suffered an allergic reaction, and if not for her neighbor hearing her cries for help, would have died within minutes. Her blood pressure had fallen below 50 mm systolic. Paramedics arrived within 3 minutes and rushed her to the emergency room, where she was confined to hospital stay for about a week.
Her daughter called us to treat and remove the yellow jacket nest, and we checked her yard for any other nests.
Please, if you find a yellow jacket nest, call the entomologists at , 800-343-5317 , for expert and proper yellow jacket and bee nest removal.

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