Sunday, September 12, 2010

Titusville Honey Bee Removal in Wall of home

Titusville Killer Bee Nest in Wall
Here's a photo (sorry for the low quality - it was hot and I had to move fast) of a recent Titusville Honey Bee Removal we performed. What you are seeing is the bee nest in the wall, after I removed the plywood wall covering. The nest stands over 5 FEET tall!.

These bees had gotten very testy, stinging lawn care folks every week as they tried to mow. Eventually, they refused to mow and had the client call us to perform the removal. We are seeing more and more stinging events occurring in Titusville and the rest of Brevard County.

Folks, we have African Bees in Titusville now. These are the famed, or infamous, Killer Bees, and they should be respected. Please don't try spraying them with Wasp and Hornet spray. That can lead to the 50,000 or so bees getting very upset and increasing the sting liability for you or the property owner.

Bee safe, call on us to reduce your stings, your risk and your liability. Call us at 321-206-5100, 800.343.5317 or email here for an appointment.

Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist  

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