Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ocala honey bee external nest in Pine Tree

This nest is a beauty, about 15 feet high, and 7 plates wide. It looks like the colony swarmed recently, as you can see much of the comb material. In a couple weeks, it will be covered with bees once again.
Ocala Bees in Tree

Here's the problem. This nest is located adjacent to a large manufacturing facility AND a school!. Children run through this natural area, and it's a disaster just waiting to happen. So, we've removed the nest, in a manner that minimizes bee activity after the removal. Most folks practicing this art seem to cast a blind eye to the numbers of bees that will cluster in the spot of the former nest, posing quite a danger to adults and children alike, as the bees get defensive and possibly stinging anything that moves.

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Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist

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