Monday, September 27, 2010

Archer FL, Free Hornet Nest Removal

Free Hornet Nest Recipient
Here's the latest recipient of our FREE Hornet Nest Removal program going on Right now!  Mrs. Anne Martenson, of Archer, called us because she was concerned about her 2 year old grandson, who walks underneath this Hornet nest every day, going out to get the mail. (He's a big boy!). You can see the nest up above her left shoulder.

Mrs. Martenson was so glad to hear that this Hornet nest qualified for our Free hornet nest program, she started crying, as her and her husband are on a very tight budget with Social Security being their primary source of income these days.

If you have a Hornet nest and are looking for free removal, go to our Free Hornet Removal post, and see if you qualify!  Click here to check it out

Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist


  1. Good artical, but it's GrandSON (not Grandaughter) and yes he is big! Thanks for the Free removal, I would hate for Landon to get attacked by a swarm...Yikes! Take Care.

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  3. Ok Mrs. Martensen, I edited the post. Sorry for the mistake!

    I'm glad your hornet nest was covered within our research program and therefore was free!

    Richard Martyniak