Monday, May 14, 2012

Ocala Yellow Jacket wasp nest

It's been an interesting spring for us this year.. Drought combined with a very mild winter has our stinging insects in a 'tizzy'.  Yellow Jacket wasp nests for instance, are still packed with virgin queens, which is VERY strange this time of year. Normally, these queens will leave the nest during November or December, and seek out a nice log to overwinter in. Then, at the start of spring, they search for suitable nest locations, and start new nests en-masse.

Ocala YellowJacket nest

This pic is typical for us. A modest nest opening, consisting of a 'paper-mache' that the wasps create from cellulose and saliva. Several guard workers, and a busy stream of wasps flying in and out of the nest openings. Doesn't look like much, eh?
Ocala Yellow Jacket wasp nest close up

Oh contrare... these nests can extend for several feet in diameter.. under the ground, and maybe two to three feet down. The wasps are very well adapted for excavating soil and building nests, and can number in the hundreds of thousands of individuals!

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Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist

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