Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tampa Honey Bees in a Tree-Hole

Tampa Killer Bees in Tree-Hole

Bees LOVE to build their nests in Tree holes.. the holes you see in larger trees, often where a limb used to be. Many trees are hollow inside and can have dozens of feet of a nice, insulated void for the bee colony to build it's nest of wax, pollen, honey and baby bees.
Tampa Honey Bees in Tree Hole

These nests can number over 50 thousand individuals, and often become rather ornery or flat-out mean, stinging people, pets and passer-bys.

Please, don't attempt a treatment or removal of these Tampa bees, as most are now Africanized, AKA "Killer Bees", and you can incite a neighborhood-wide stinging event that can last for days!We've had fatalities occur in Florida because of improper stinging insect removal techniques.

Contact the Stinging Insect Experts at 813-930-BUGS or 1-800-343-5317 or submit a bee removal  inspection  request here!

Bees Buzzing You? Call The Stinging Insect Experts
Jonathan B. Simkins B.Sc,  Entomologist
Insect IQ /
Tampa/Plant City: 813-930-BUGS
St. Pete/Clearwater:727-443-BUGS
Bradenton/Sarasota: 941-870-0606
Lakeland/Lake Wales: 863-248-1140
State Wide: 800.343.5317

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