Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daytona Yellow Jackets attack camera!

This was a fun one!

We performed a Volusia county Yellow Jacket wasp treatment and removal in a horse pasture. It was a very nice sized nest, and I thought getting some POV video from near the nest would bee very interesting.
Daytona yellow jacket wasp removal; POV video

As you can see, I positioned the camera very close to the nest opening and within seconds, hundreds of Yellow jackets were swarming around the camera, and actively stinging the black rubber and fabric parts of the lens shroud, handle, etc.

I hope to edit the camera video and post it, so stay tuned, as it should be WILD!!

his species is the Southern Yellow Jacket, Vespula squamosa. See our Yellowjacket pages for more info. These wasp nests can get HUGE, with numbers over one MILLION individuals. Here's a link to a video of us treating a large Yellow Jacket wasp nest..notice how many of these wasps are flying around! When you get a nest this size, treatments that your redneck brother-in-law recommends (like gasoline, kerosene, putting a bowl over the openings) simply do not work. (Read here why gasoline and kerosene should NEVER be used, anyway!). We have arrived at many, many jobs where clients have tried all these treatments and more, and STILL have the Yellowjackets, but now they've really made them MAD!!!

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