Monday, July 18, 2011

Cocoa Beach Bee Removal: Massive Honey Bee Swarm

This is a treat, a real old fashioned primary swarm in Coca Beach Florida. It's a treat because we rarely see large swarms anymore as most of our feral or wild bees in Brevard county are now Africanized Honey Bees, aka Killer Bees.
Cocoa Beach Bee Removal Large bee swarm

Numbering well over 50,000 individuals, we elected to hive this swarm into 2 hive boxes. It's rare for us to perform live bee removals in Cocoa Beach, but this was almost certainly European Honey Bees, just because of the large number of individuals. In addition, the risk factor was minimal as this yard was surrounded by dense vegetation and was several hundred feet away from the nearest neighbor.

Please, don't attempt a removal of bees, as they can be deadly, even swarms have attacked us since Killer Bees are now here. We've had many fatalities occur in Florida because of improper removal techniques. Contact the Stinging Insect Experts at 1-800-343-5317 or submit a bee swarm inquiry here!

Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist
The Buzzkillers, LLC

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