Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maitland: Mean Bees in Tree forces road closure

We perform bee and other stinging insect removals for most of the counties and cities in the State of Florida, as our protocol minimizes sting risk and liability for these municipalities and for their citizens. One sting is sufficient to kill a person, if they are allergic.

Sometimes, we encounter Honey Bees that are extremely MEAN, so defensive, that they will sting any human or animal within hundreds of feet. When this happens we have to take extraordinary measures, often working with LEO (Law Enforcement), to close down streets, warn neighbors, which requires us to stay on location for hours. We can't be too careful.

This photo shows our Technician, Jason, working a Maitland Bee Removal, where the bees were so defensive, we had to have the street closed down for 3 hours until the returning foragers suffered sufficient mortality to lessen their defensive posture.

The Law requires bee removal firms to be State Licensed Pest Control Operators, NOT beekeepers. Common sense should dictate that one hires a true bee removal professional, such as us here at Call us at 800-343-5317 for the Stinging Insect Experts!

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