Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Swarm Removal in Palm Coast

We were doing our daily work in the City of Palm Coast when we came across a nice honey bee swarm on a Magnolia Tree.
Palm Coast Honey Bee Swarm

The neighbors were worried about the aggression levels of this swarm of maybe 10,000 bees so we were called for the removal. The bees weren't too aggressive but without the proper live removal techniques they could have hurt somebody. They were relocated to our apiary in Flagler County.If you come in contact with these stinging insects, call the experts.Contact the stinging insect specialists, entomologists, beekeepers, licensed and insured. Call now! (855)930.BEES or visit AllFloridaBeeRemoval.com

Contact the Stinging Insect Experts at (855) 930.BEES (All Counties in Fla.) or submit a bee removal FREE inspection here!
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