Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bees Swarm in Tree in Ocala, FL

We can do live bee removals but when it comes to the hostility of the colony it gets difficult and dangerous to remove. We are recommended by the state to eliminate all wild colonies due to the chances of the colony being african and effecting other colonies in a bee yard. Also when relocating a nest is is required you find the queen and with African Bees they tend to leave and attack as soon as they signal a disturbance which makes it more difficult to get the queen. Many swarms also are on the lookout for a new home and could make a new home in your house, it is easier and cheaper to eliminate the problem early to avoid future hassles.If you come in contact with these stinging insects, call the experts.Contact the stinging insect specialists, entomologists, beekeepers, licensed and insured. Call now!!!!  (855)930.BEES or visit

Ocala honey bee swarm

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