Friday, March 1, 2013

Block wall Removal

Having bees in a wall can be a lot more than what meets the eye. The whole phrase dont judge a book by its cover, the activity going into the next can seem small but it can be packing heat on the inside.  This nest was roughly 8inches x 5feet which is huge, and messy to remove if not done by an experienced professional. In the Tampa Bay area honey bee and African honey bees in a block wall are very common because bees like close voids in walls. They have plenty of room to build and have a striving, dangerous colony. Potential threats this colony makes is it can harm you, your pets, children, or neighbors. Also this nest can swarm and go to your neighbors! That is not the good kind of caring! If  you have any questions or are in need of a bee removal please the stinging insect specialists, entomologists, beekeepers, and licensed and insured pest control operators at
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