Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tampa Bee Swarm

I consider a honey bee swarm to be a "wonder of the world", and if you've ever had the pleasure to be within this natural phenomenon, you know what I mean. Tens of thousands bees, seemingly confused and flying randomly, darkening the sky with their bodies... I'm sure this can cause fear amongst some, but this is social order and group decision making at it's finest.

This photo is of such an event, an Tampa bee swarm, occurring a couple days ago in late December. Traditionally, we would not expect such late swarms, as European honey bees typically swarm in early spring as colony populations increase rapidly. But lo and behold.. African honey bees swarm nearly all year long, and since they have been increasing in numbers in the Tampa area over the past few years, we are seeing many, many more swarming events occurring this time of year. And, more of these swarms are stinging clients, children and pets, so please don't attempt to treat or remove these. Call us at 800-343-5317 or email us at "Help, we need a bee swarm removal!!!" for quick, competent and reasonably priced bee removal services.

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