Monday, April 11, 2011

Winter Haven Bee Removal -Closeup of External Nest

We perform bee removals for many city, county and other Governmental entities throughout the State of Florida, & they can depend on our Stinging Insect Entomologists to design removal protocols that protect their residents, pets and livestock.

Winter Haven Bees on Comb
Here is a close-up photo of an external honey bee colony that we removed for the city of Winter Haven earlier this month. Sometimes, we just have to stop and admire the beauty of these interesting social insects.

You can see many female workers on the comb, which contains plenty of nectar, which is undergoing transformation into honey.

Should you encounter an external honey bee nest in a tree or anywhere.. please, do not attempt removal yourself. Schedule an appointment with the Stinging Insect Experts at or 1-800-343-5317 for expert Winter Haven Bee Removal, or any bee removal in the state of Florida.

Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Stinging Insect Entomologist
The Buzzkillers, LLC

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