Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hillsborough County Hornet Removal

Usually by this time of the year (End of December), most Hornet nests are inactive, as freezing temps will kill the workers and the next generation of reproductive females fly off to find a nice log to hole up in for the winter. But there are exceptions!

Bald Faced Hornet (Dolchovespula maculata)
We recieved an email about a hornet nest in Hillsborough County that was still active a few days ago. I arrived on scene, suited up and was met by some angry inhabitants as I removed the nest!  cool....

This is a closeup of one of the hornets from the nest. She was not happy when the flash went off!

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  1. Bald-faced hornets are nothing to toy with. When I was working in the tree spraying industry in Wasington State I used to blast away their nests with a 200 psi Diazinon solution. Nothing survived.